Kivos Research Limited (KRL) is a premier multidisciplinary Scientific Research Company
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Kivos Research Limited (KRL) Laboratory Products offers a both in-vivo/in-vitro diagnostics products committed to delivering novel technologies and equipments to the doorstep of clinicians, researchers and healthcare providers located in our target markets. Our drive for excellence is rooted in a solid background built on years of training and experience in medical and diagnostic technology.

Kivos Research Limited (KRL) Laboratory deals on scientific-bioscience-diagnostic reagents, Scientific-biotech- medical equipments, Contract research, Advanced biotech training, Agric and industrial fine- bulk chemicals, Industrial water analysis kits and equipment, Analytical and bioscience reagents, Diagnostic and Elisa kits, Scientific and medical equipment, Contract research and analysis, Biotech Training, Water testing kits and equipment, DNA and PCR kits

At Kivos Research Limited (KRL), we design, build and equip new laboratories for clinical, academic and research use while supplying the associated instruments and consumables. As part of the package, we also install and train the end-user on the proper operation of any equipment we supply including such machines supplied through third party vendors.

We also set up In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) laboratories and conduct training for Embryologists. Our organization, in collaboration with our partners offer high level services in setting up Molecular Biology laboratories used in Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) and other genetic research.

Our team at Kivos Research Limited (KRL) includes very knowledgeable and well-trained Biomedical Engineers, Medical Laboratory Scientists and manufacturer-trained Product Specialists. We are committed to ensuring that the best and most up-to-date diagnostic solutions get into the hands of the clinicians and researchers that need them. We also back that up with great warranty terms and post-installation maintenance and services to ensure optimal and satisfactory usage of our products.

HSE-Equipments Store

Kivos Research Limited (KRL) is your source for industrial safety products (PPE), power and hand tools, and first aid products supplies in Nigeria. Get your workplace and marine safety, offshore and onshore industrial safety equipment and protective products, as a safety equipment distributor and supplier. KRL offers an extensive variety of health and safety equipment related to the industrial safety and marine industry, including security products, safety protective clothing, fire protection equipment, protective helmets, safety glasses, protective wear, fall protection and other industrial safety equipment. We also provide a number of specialty products that solve some of the industry’s biggest safety equipment challenges. In addition, we make it our priority to issue certificate of compliance for our products and other technical data such as Material data sheet MSDS.

Kivos Research Limited (KRL) have in stock varieties of industrial safety supplies, health and first aid products, marine equipment, oil and gas tools and instrumentations etc. KRL parades a complete line of high-quality personal safety equipment, safety gears, eye wash stations, first aid kits and supplies, professional power tools, hand tools, pneumatic tools, material handling equipment, lock out and tag out stations, loto kits, industrial tapes, industrial chemicals, welding equipment, abrasives, automotive, outboard engines for boat & marine and ship supplies, janitorial supplies, security products, etc

Kivos Research Limited (KRL) provide an extensive range of services to keep your workplace compliant. Contract KRL for instrument test and calibration services, road marking and traffic installations, fire extinguisher refilling and recertification, breathing air refilling, cargo safety net production, industrial equipment rentals, industrial workwear production, HSE trainings etc.

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